Drew Hayes (Read and Recommended by Zeta, Discharge, and Apollo)

Worm (Read and Recommended by Zeta and Discharge)

Pact (Read and Recommended by Zeta.  Same author as Worm.  Not superhero stuff.)

Legion of Nothing (Read and Recommended by Zeta, started by Discharge)

The Last Skull (Halfway through by Zeta, then stopped.  Not entirely recommended, but if that’s what you’re into…)

World Domination in Retrospect by Psycho Gecko (Read and recommended by Zeta, for those people who find the characters of this story to be stable and well balanced.)

The Pen in The Stone, The Enhanced Series (Just starting, on probation by Zeta to see how it turns out.)

Tieshaunn (Read by Zeta, and honestly enjoyed, for all the similarities to Worm in the beginning.  Recommended for after you read Worm.)

A Grey World (Read and Recommended by Zeta.)

Gargoyle (Just starting out, on probation by Zeta to see how it turns out.)

On My Mind(s) (Sadly discontinued, but there’s a chance of getting it started again if people read it.  Read and Recommended by Zeta)

Sins of the Fathers by underwhelmingforce (Written by a long-time Worm lurker.  Read and Recommended by Zeta)

The League of Prey by flame7926 (Read and Recommended by Zeta.  Also a Worm lurker.)

The Named by fallintolife (Read and Recommended by Zeta)

Hidden by Colleen Vanderlinden (Read and Recommended by Zeta)

Stone Burners by Syphax1 (On Probation by Zeta)

Star Harbor Nights by Alexandra Erin (Read and Recommended by Zeta)

Tales Of MU by Alexandra Erin (Read and Recommended by Zeta, not superhero fiction)

Ghost Touch by Eventoe (Read and Recommended by Zeta)

Symbiote (Not read yet, will eventually.)

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