This will continue to be updated as the story goes on.  Expect to see it in large chunks.  By the end of the first major arc, basically everything will be up, with stuff being added in as the characters find out about it.

January 1st, 2016: Madman reveals himself to the public


January 3rd, 2016: Enemies of Injustice revealed to the public


January 5th, 2016: Madman defeated by the Enemies of Injustice


January 18th, 2016: Power nullifier invented


January 20th, 2016: Power nullifier approved for use in Federal Prisons


January 21st, 2016: Power nullifier installed in ADX Florence

Madman incarcerated


January 25th, 2016: Super villain Repression Agency Bill signed


February 3rd, 2016: The Church of the Anglo-Saxon Sentinels denounces Meta-humans


February 4th, 2016: Magicians reveal their existence to the public

Magic Potential evaluation discovered

Grimoire is published and becomes a bestseller within an hour


February 5th, 2016: Various Religious groups denounce Meta-humans


March 4th, 2020: Pyro triggers, attacks South Haven High School

Zeta triggers

Everest’s powers manifest

March 12th, 2020: Khan disappears

March 18th, 2020: Zeta’s first encounter with Legion and Krustallos

Khan reappears

Rune approaches Zeta with SVRA offer

March 25th, 2020: SVRA recruitment begins

Everest stops bomb threat at South Haven High School

March 26th, 2020: SVRA CT Chapter I interviews begin

Crane attacks police station

Crane joins SVRA CT Chapter I

May 3th, 2020: SVRA CT Chapter I goes to boot camp

August 6th, 2020: SVRA CT Chapter I returns from boot camp

August 8th, 2020: Everest and Crane, the two oldest members of the team file for an online education from the colleges of their respective choices, due to team duties.

August 29th, 2020: SVRA CT Chapter I fights with Iapetus.

August 31st, 2020: South Haven High School resumes as normal

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