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Once every so often, I will post a poll asking the readers what character they want to see a profile for.  It will have a list of every character introduced so far, and the option “other,” which will involve a random character that hasn’t been introduced, or anything.  It will never spoil anything not yet posted, but will give information that’s up to date with what is.  Till then, here:

First one to… say, twenty gets posted.

There are characters not yet brought up, but they will be soon.

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Part II

Character Profiles:

Real name: William Alexander

Alias: Apollo, SVRA Agent# 1890

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Body Type: Muscular

Height: 5’11″

Weight: 184

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Power: Hyper-proprioception, Enhanced Strength, Super Reflexes, Enhanced Speed, Hyper Coordination, More. Apollo got a large amount of small and useful powers.  He has super proprioception, mildly enhanced strength, speed, super reflexes, and perfect coordination.  He has a minor healing factor, and will not age past maturity.  He could theoretically live forever if not killed, and his powers, although all physically related, will continue to increase.

Power Rank: A, Progressive

Origin:  Innate

Status: Hero, Minimal Turning Chance.

Current affiliation(s): SVRA CT Chapter I

Previous affiliation(s): Lynde & Harry Bradley Technology and Trade School Basketball, SVRA Milwaukee Chapter IV

Concept Sketch:ImageNotes:  Apollo is an extremely ethical individual.  He refuses to kill, and views protecting others as his mission in life.  Though he himself is extremely moral, he is a realist, and understands that not everyone can, or is willing to follow his morals.  Despite that knowledge, he desires for those close to him to adhere to his code as well.  He is the son of the vigilante Acrobat and a non-powered woman. His parents are divorced.  Though his father remarried, Apollo’s stepmother passed away.  After her death, his father became distant and uninvolved, leaving him to raise his stepsister almost on his own. His history on SVRA teams is [Classified].

Real name: Jason Leigh

Alias: Zeta, SVRA Agent# 2112

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Body Type: Lean

Height: 5’10

Weight: 153

Hair Color: Brown, streaked with blonde

Eye Color: Brown

Power: Power-switching. His companion is unknown, but he has a separate consciousness which possesses his personality and knowledge. The consciousness can take one form; that of a serval. It refers to itself as a ‘temporary jailer,’ rather than a companion.  Zeta’s powers are:

1. Pyrokinesis

2. Fulgurkinesis

3. Flight

4. Regeneration

5. Super speed

6. ?

7. ?

His first power allows him to generate and control fire, as well as granting him immunity to extreme temperature. His maximum temperature is slightly over the average of type 5 (Ki-based) fire, at 1,250ºC (2,282ºF).  His second allows him to generate immense amounts of power within his body, and let it out in the form of lightning. Though one of his more powerful offensive abilities, it’s limited by the danger of overflow.  His recorded maximum is approximately 90 million volts. His flight generates a insular layer around him at high speeds and altitudes.  His max flight speed is 350 m/s.  His regeneration is unusually strong for a Power-switcher, and he can heal from anything that doesn’t kill him.  While on the ground, his super speed has not been timed.  It does not give a great stamina boost, so his fifth power is mainly useful for basic combat.  It grants enhanced reflexes and movement speed to an extent that his body would be a blur to a normal human.

Power rank: Variable, A-S

Origin: Seen in Chapter I

Status: Hero, High Turning Chance.

Current affiliation(s): SVRA CT Chapter I

Previous affiliation(s): None

Concept Sketch:


Notes:  Zeta is an entirely combat oriented metahuman.  Though extremely intelligent, he uses it only for combat.  He is able to spot weakness and patterns, and quickly learns and adapts to the tactics of enemies.  His powers complement that.  He is the leader of his by default of being the first fighting metahuman in his state, but he adopts a more field commander role.  He delegates most of the office and PR work to teammates Exile (2118) and Apollo (1890).  He is given moderate access to confidential information, despite his High Turning Chance rating.  He is considered unlikely to sell information, or give it to anyone.  He has proven mostly resistant to weak to average psychics.  His abnormally strong psyche is believed to result from anger issues of unknown origin.  He has not cooperated with any therapists, each reporting a completely normal and balanced individual, except for one.  That one, Dr. Frank Barr, is lent credence due to his exceptional telepathy.  His unofficial summary is as follows:

“Zeta is incapable of allowing himself to trust anyone, though the reasons, if they exist, are buried very deep.  He seems to simultaneously have self-esteem issues and an incredibly large ego.  Despite his trust issues, he values the people around him.  He has no concept of good or evil, and he views things in terms of what is acceptable by society.  He believes in a Darwinian survival and rule of the fittest ideal, and this drives him to seek personal power.  It could be classified as an unhealthy obsession.  He spends most of his time either working out, training, playing video games, or reading.  He rarely sleeps a full night.  His biggest issue is indubitably his anger.  It seems to be his strongest emotion, and he uses it to pump himself up for a fight, and conquer his own fear and shame.  The most disturbing thing is that he takes a twisted pride in it.  He probably connects his anger to his power, linking it to his power obsession.  He is capable of forming relationships with allies and co workers, but usually temporary.  His close friends think of him as having a nice side and an angry side.  They have noticed that the ‘nice side’ has appeared less and less.  He scored highly on the Hare Checklist, but I do not believe he is a sociopath, though he may believe himself to be one.  He has demonstrated compassion and genuine sadness at times.  His rough demeanor may be attributed to his belief in his inability to feel those emotions, or that he believes them to be a sign of weakness.  He seems to be developing an increasingly violent and isolated personality.  His companion exerts a considerable amount of influence over him and his social life, but I have not been able to discern the extent of it.”

In the case that he does turn, lock down the facility and avoid contact.  He is capable of incredible brutality, even to the people he appears to care about.  He has killed villains before, and though he does not go out of his way to kill, he will deal with anyone in his path as he feels right.  He is very capable, and has no compunctions.  He seems to find comfort in solitude, but enjoys the company of others.  If he turns, he is expected to find a small, tight knit group of anti-societal, successful, and powerful members.  He does not appear to relish command or control, though receiving strict order grates on him.

Real name: N/A

Alias: Khan

Age: Unknown

Sex: N/A

Body Type: Feline

Height: N/A

Weight: N/A

Hair Color: Tawny, spotted Black

Eye Color: Various, Red, Green, Yellow

Power: Unknown

Power rank: Unknown

Origin: Unknown

Status: Unknown

Current affiliation(s): Companion to Zeta

Previous affiliation(s): Unknown

Notes: This mysterious feline is not all that he appears to be.  Though he claims to be Zeta’s companion to higher-ups, he identifies himself as a jailer to Zeta’s teammates.  He does seem to control Zeta’s powers, as is usual for a companion, but Zeta has demonstrated the ability to use multiple powers in conjunction, as well as powers he has not officially manifested yet.  This would lead to believe that he is not, in fact, a power-switcher, and that Khan is something else which seeks to obscure Zeta’s true abilities.

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