Fan Stuff/ General

We have our first piece of fanart! As for fanfiction (pssshhhhtt.  ya’ kiddin’ meh?  We don’t got none of dat sheet.) we’re currently empty, but we can always dream.  By the way.  The artist is getting free looks at any character profiles she wants.  Yeah.  That’s what you get to do when you give us stuff.  Also, and this applies doubly to fanfiction, she’s getting looked at as a possible new writer.  Interesting, huh?  Yeah, we’re looking for those.  If you’re good.  So, for sneak peeks, and a lot of other awesome stuff, much of which has yet to be decided, write and draw, and send it to us.


Also, giving credit to Orphiex and Tieshaunn, anything you want to put can now go on here.    Ideas, thoughts, predictions, hate messages, all welcome.

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