Et Sic Incipit III

Chapter III: Et Sic Incipit
“It is not very widely known, but every single “trigger event,” as they are known, has a physical and mental change associated with it. The physical change is the simpler. There are three types: the Adonis type, the Chimera type, and the Tell. The Adonis type refers to beneficial, yet not deformative changes. An Adonis type might have an easier time building muscle, or something along those lines. Nothing superhuman, but certainly better than average. The Chimera type is deformative, whether beneficial or not. These are the superhumans who can no longer pass as completely human, with varying degrees of mutation. The Tell is a change that some superhumans have, but only while using their power. There are also three types of mental changes, but these are none of these are exclusive, like the Adonis and Chimera types are. The first is Type 1, a change in the way of thinking. This includes things like a power or combat sense, or a scaled down gadgeteer power, or mental changes to help deal with enhanced senses or the like. Type 2 changes are indirect, gradual changes over the course of time, resulting from the power, like a strongman becoming more and more egotistical due to his perceived invincibility, or someone with a ballistic power becoming more mathematical. Type 3’s are the complete psychos. The ones who instantly go crazy, or any other sudden and dramatic change.”
–Frank Ryce, The New Age of Warfare

Writers: Exile, Ranger, Apollo