Writer Introduction: CerealKiller

Hi Everyone, my pen name is CerealKiller

I’d say I’m somewhere between a novice and an intermediate writer, I’ve written stuff before, and it’s not bad, but I’m not great at keeping a plot going long term, which is something I think/hope writing in a group with other people prompting me will help a lot. I’ve been reading TANH for about 4 months.

My character, Lynx, has the ability to shapeshift into two cat-like forms, one humanoid and one quadruped. He has enhanced strength, senses, reflexes, all of that jazz, and heals pretty quick too.

His real name is Steven Chambers, and he’s 17 years old. He’s had his powers for about 4 years, and, unknown to him, they were passed down by his father, who left his mom when he found out she was pregnant. He has two half brothers, and a half sister, and he loves them all, but can be a bit distant to them. His youngest brother is five, the older one is 14. His sister is 11. He’s quite tall, 6 foot 2, and lean, with defined muscles.

My plans for him are pretty vague, at the moment. He’s a smart kid, or at least he thinks he is, and he quite enjoys the freedom his powers give him. So he’s not gonna want to join the SVRA immediately, or at all, without some pretty compelling reasons. He also is going to be a hero, or at least a vigilante, because he can’t not be. For him, that choice isn’t one, he just has too.

I live in South East England, and I enjoy writing (duh), and video games.

7 thoughts on “Writer Introduction: CerealKiller

    • Of course, sorry I forced you into commenting against your desires. I will no longer assume no-one reads our work due to lack of comments. However, I thank you for yours, and hope to see you around, Jake.

      • I don’t comment because half the time I don’t have any thing smart to say 🙂 Hehe. I’ll try commenting more. And welcome to the team 🙂

      • Thanks Jake, for welcoming me. I’m looking forward to writing as part of the team, and developing the fun plot we’ve got planned. 😀 Hope you stick with us, and enjoy what we write.

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