Writer Introduction: Mandragons

Hello, my PenName is Mandragons. You may have seen me commenting on various webserials across the web, and I’m a writer now. My writing level is probably somewhere in between novice and intermediate. I’m no stranger to writing long papers, but this is my first time writing in a web serial. In the past, I’ve taken some creative writing courses, which were pretty good. I’ve got some mad speed reading skills, although I tend to focus more on the big picture than the nitty gritty. I have to read something a couple times to get all the information I can from it, which is why I have read TANH around six or so times. Admittedly, I only started searching for the details after being accepted as a writer. I’ve only been reading TANH since around September/October of 2013.


For my character, I decided on Ravus Decem, which means Gray 10 in English. Of course, I don’t speak Latin, and neither does my character. So, the translation might be a little bit off. He messes with space and time, to get a handful of decent powers. RD is not a power switcher though, his power is to bend space and time into four effects. Ravus Decem can teleport, use telekinesis (his space powers), stop time, and see into the future (his time powers). A struggle of RD’s is his OCD, though that will come into play later on.


His real name is Silas Weaver, and he is a high school senior. In school, Silas is quiet and fairly shy, blending into the background. He is an above average student, but tends to hover around the B range. Silas is decent in combat, but works hard to be an expert marksman. Being a precog, Silas tends to be unerringly accurate. However, he tries to avoid head to head confrontations, focusing on stealth.


Silas got his powers during a home invasion some time ago. I think I’ll leave it at that. It does put Silas firmly into the hero camp. He is not against killing, although he tends to spare those who commits ‘lesser’ crimes; like stealing, arson, or anything white collar that doesn’t have drastic impacts. Anyone who does anything that reminds him of his family’s fate, he tends to kill.


I live in Massachusetts, and I enjoy any kind of water-sports, especially when the water is frozen.

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