Writer Introduction: SirNumerate


So for those who haven’t heard, my pen name’s SirNumerate. I like to believe that my writing is between novice and intermediate, if I can stand the editing process long enough to make progress. However, I’ve been led to believe my editing skills are generally good. I pay attention to the little details, and I have a good ear for grammar. I literally devour books. I read TANH over a day, after seeing the opportunity to apply to be a writer for a new project. I had come across TANH several months ago, though, and stopped reading because it just didn’t capture my attention enough to devote my time to it.

My character, Milo Barr, is a high school student who has the power to create and control custom-made “insects.” Since he is only a little bit tougher than the normal squishy human, he’ll rely on poisons, recon, and good old firepower to fight.

My plans for him are that he is an awkward and fiercely intelligent kid who is on the hero’s side because that is the easiest path, and theoretically the most common sense approach. His history is that he’s moved from the southwest after his parents divorced. His mother was unstable, and his dad has followed a job to Connecticut, during Milo’s 8th grade. Milo has lived with his power since before the move. He wasn’t very mature at the time, and kept the power secret. He hasn’t explored his power, since it requires a full body transformation to use. It’s made up a background element of his life. That’s changing though. Because he has a car now, he’s slowly started investigating his potential away from prying eyes.

His mother was almost neglectful in how she raised him and his brothers. He had two brothers, he was the middle child. The divorce was messy, and for a period of time, his father wasn’t able to take care of them. They were basically surrendered to their mother, and during this period his older brother left their mother to live with their grandmother while he waited to go to college. There was a messy period where they were bounced around the two houses, after his father got temporary apartments, before they separated from their mother for good. They and their father fled to his home state, Connecticut, to live with his girlfriend, who eventually became their stepmother. Moving from the anything goes rule set of their mother to the structured environment of their stepmother wasn’t an easy change, but if you were to ask him what his opinion of her was, he would say that she had literally saved his life.

He has a small group of people he considers friends. Honestly, only three people are labeled that. However, he knows several social groups beyond that, and tends to borrow his friend’s social groups to hang out with.

His plans for the future are uncertain and unpredictable. On the one hand, he is absolutely certain that he’ll attend a technical college and get a degree in computer science or perhaps biology. On the other hand, heroing will become a massive part of his life. He’ll be uncertain about how much of a role it will actually play in his life, and where he’ll go after he leaves his team, or if he’d be able to give any of it up.

I live in southwestern Ohio, and I enjoy a little programming and running.

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