Not Dead


I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting lately, but I’ve been extremely busy these past two weeks. 

However; I do have some exciting news for all of you! The new TANH team is working really hard to create new content for you, which means we’ll start getting back on track really soon!

I’m sorry this is so short, I’m actually about to go somewhere again- Sorry!

I’ll post again whenever I can, and if not, see you friday!

~Flurry, Head of TANH



I am proud to announce that I have 2 writers joining the TANH team! Pseudonyms and other details to follow next week! Shall we get this story started again?
I’m sorry to say that we have work to do before we can post, but I’m excited to get back to it!!
I’m also sorry for such a short post, but that’s all I have to say at the moment.

I love you all!
~Flurry, Head of TANH

Oh god it’s late

So sorry this is late- 11:35 for me- but I completely forgot that I was supposed to post. Anyways, progress report:
I’ve gotten 2 applications so far, which really isn’t up to what I was hoping for, but I can’t keep post poning much longer. So, here’s the plan. I will keep accepting and reading apications until the end of the month, so if you know anyone who loves wroting, send them over. Have them read the story and decide if they want to join.
Final team will be posted April 4th!
Until then, I’m going to sleep, so I can wake up for Crew tomorrow at 7.
Remind me again why some people choose to do sports for fun?

Bye! Thanks for reading!
~Flurry, head of TANH