I would love to start the story again, but I can’t yet. Why, you ask? I’m kinda alone on this whole story, and I’ve been looking for people to help write all week.
That being said, I got an idea that might sound a bit crazy. How would TWO of you like to join the TANH team and get this story running again?
How to apply:
Send me a 750 word (minimum) entry including the following:
Any story ideas you may have,
A basic descrition of a character you would like to write for,
Why you would like to join,
How much time you can dedicate to writing
Your Email
Your name and age
Your timezone


THANK YOU TO ANYONE WHO APPLIES I’LL CHECK BACK IN NEXT WEEK. I have to pay attention now, I’m posting in science class. Endocytosis WOOT!

~Flurry, Head of TANH

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