Final choices?

I’ve been reading your comments, and I’ve decided I’m going to keep the original world of TANH that you’ve all learned to love, but I’m introducing a new team, SVRA CT team II (unless I think of a dofferent name).

However, the original TANH story hiatus must keep in effect for a little while, because I’m still working on finding people to help me write so that I don’t go insane.

I’ll keep you posted every week and tell you what happens, and as soon as TANH resumes.

Please don’t kill me, I’m doing my best. Thank you!

~Flurry, Head of TANH

3 thoughts on “Final choices?

  1. Nice. What does the new name stand for? or am I just missing some thing?
    Anyway as the others have said good luck, can’t wait till the new story, a another chapter in the book 🙂

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