Hi again-
I’m sorry if there are a bunch of typos in this, I’m updating from my phone.
After reading the comments, it seems as though the majority vote is to keep going with TANH. One final question, and then I’ll go back to writing.
Should I keep writing with characters from SVRA CT Chapter 1, or should I add new characters and form a second team, but still keep the world and villains of the established story? I’ll check back tuesday, but if I only have 3-4 comments I’ll wait until Friday to form a final decision.
Thank you for putting up with me!
~Flurry, New Owner of TANH.

6 thoughts on “Updating

  1. I think that the answer would be up to the writers. If they think that they have become more capable of creating characters, then they should go on ahead. If they think that the new characters would be just as bad as the old one’s, no point in starting over.

  2. Form a new team, this way you can start fresh and still keep the same world to work in.
    Also more characters both good and bad could make the story seem more open and not just one story but a whole universe.

    Idea- How about making a team that is different from the first. Like they are a team of villains but in name only like they mean good but end up breaking stuff and in the eyes of the public they are villains, but they still fight the greater bad or its a team of good people with bad powers like a guy who touch destroys or non-living matter and when he first got hes power he destroyed a building making the heroes mistake him for a villain and hes been on the run, could have a good story in it.

    And if you wanted to link the story in you could have the new team help the old team unknowingly or have them cross path.

  3. I was enjoying the story of Zeta and Khan, which I’d like to see continued, though writing your own group would also be interesting.

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