Be creative, I’m begging.

If you read last weeks post, you’d know that I was accepting applications for writers to be part of my team. So far, I’ve only gotten one application. I can’t start wriing again until I have at least 3 applicants, so I suggest you spread the word.
Remember, the story wont resume until I get my writers.
Refer to the last post for guidelines!

~Flurry, head of TANH



I would love to start the story again, but I can’t yet. Why, you ask? I’m kinda alone on this whole story, and I’ve been looking for people to help write all week.
That being said, I got an idea that might sound a bit crazy. How would TWO of you like to join the TANH team and get this story running again?
How to apply:
Send me a 750 word (minimum) entry including the following:
Any story ideas you may have,
A basic descrition of a character you would like to write for,
Why you would like to join,
How much time you can dedicate to writing
Your Email
Your name and age
Your timezone


THANK YOU TO ANYONE WHO APPLIES I’LL CHECK BACK IN NEXT WEEK. I have to pay attention now, I’m posting in science class. Endocytosis WOOT!

~Flurry, Head of TANH

Final choices?

I’ve been reading your comments, and I’ve decided I’m going to keep the original world of TANH that you’ve all learned to love, but I’m introducing a new team, SVRA CT team II (unless I think of a dofferent name).

However, the original TANH story hiatus must keep in effect for a little while, because I’m still working on finding people to help me write so that I don’t go insane.

I’ll keep you posted every week and tell you what happens, and as soon as TANH resumes.

Please don’t kill me, I’m doing my best. Thank you!

~Flurry, Head of TANH


Hi again-
I’m sorry if there are a bunch of typos in this, I’m updating from my phone.
After reading the comments, it seems as though the majority vote is to keep going with TANH. One final question, and then I’ll go back to writing.
Should I keep writing with characters from SVRA CT Chapter 1, or should I add new characters and form a second team, but still keep the world and villains of the established story? I’ll check back tuesday, but if I only have 3-4 comments I’ll wait until Friday to form a final decision.
Thank you for putting up with me!
~Flurry, New Owner of TANH.

Oh No…

Hello! As Zeta briefly mentioned in his final post here on TANH, he’s no longer on here… crap. Anyways, He decided to leave me in charge! I don’t know if I’ll be able to do this alone so I’m in the process of enlisting help, so in the meantime there might not be any posts for a while other than updates. 

To give you an idea as to why I’m not really prepared with anything, this is the passing-the-wordpress ceremony that occurred: 

*Wednesday, January 30th*

Me: Oh I voted on your poll for your personal story. When do you think that’ll start? Are you gonna stay on TANH until that kicks off?

Zeta: Oh, yeah. About that. On friday, TANH will be completely yours.

After that, I kind of just walked back to the group of people tat I had been talking to earlier, and described what had just happened. There was an idea of transforming this into a Snape- Malfoy gay fan fiction just to spite Zeta for the lack of warning, and that goes into the next thing that I need to address.

Do you guys want want this wordpress to keep being the good old TANH, or do you want to take advantage of the switch and change it? Tell me what you think in the comments! I’ll check back on friday, and if you want something different, I’ll draft ideas over the weekend.

Anyways, tell me what you think! I’m still a bit in shock of being in charge, but I’m guessing this will be fun.

~Flurry, Head *eep* of TANH