New Story Ideas

This is Zeta speaking, hi.  Looking at TANH, I realized all the mistakes that I made, too many to go into detail with.  I want to try writing solo, with a new writing project.  I can be found at  I hope to see you there.  The new story ideas are as follows:

1. Level Up!

Set in a video-game esque world, with monsters and magic.  Rather fantasy.  The protagonist is 17 year old Reynard Sidochanson, a thief.  Mechanics are very well thought out and explicit, but I don’t want to give too much away here.  This is intended to be a more light-hearted story, though overall serious.

2. Humor Me

This one is urban fantasy.  Sang City, an NYC parallel, has the largest concentration of vampires, one of the four chosen races, in the world.  The city is controlled by two warring gangs.  The Drinkers, ruled by the mysterious and ancient CN, and The Eaters, barbaric and savage.  Adam Bain, a cursed mortal, is in the center of their war.  This will be a darker one.

3. Only Human

Luck, the corporeal embodiment of the human idea of chance, is new to the game.  While trying to figure his new life out, he’s recruited by Death to kill… well, Death.  Luck follows this mysterious cloaked figure around Backstage, meeting the Dramatis Personae and trying not to get killed by everything that’s trying to.  It’s hard to explain the conflicts in this one without giving away anything.

4. Ash

Ah, the obligatory superhero story.  Set in a world where superhumans are more powerful, rarer, and just a part of the landscape, superpowers have a magic element to them.  They’re mysterious, and never straightforward.  A small town in the east of the Federation of the Americas has a higher concentration of superhumans than anywhere else.  There are five public figures. Hero, or Henry Alyn, is the star of the highschool football team, as well as possessing the power of Heroic Valour.  His girlfriend, Synergy, has the power of Exponential Synergy, and is the cheer captain.  Rounding out the team is the sister-brother duo of Vision and Thinker, or Connie and Thomas Wu.  The main character is Gray Malkin, a highschooler with the power of the Ash Cloak.  He’s not one of them.  In fact, he was bullied by most of them.  And he’s angry.

(A little clarification, here.  Gray got his powers first, and became Ash, and lashed out at the town.  Soon after, Hero and his team stepped up to bat.)


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