So, big news tonight.  Because of finals coming up, TANH is going on a bit of a hiatus, we’ll see you soon.  Meanwhile, I, Zeta, am considering a solo project.  I have a few ideas, which I will go more into later.  I intend to use the mistakes I’ve made while writing TANH, and try to write something good.  While I’m making ideas, I’d like to hear suggestions.  Any particular genre?  I have an urban fantasy idea, which would be similar to TANH, except better, and a fantasy type story, set in a video game world, except real life… if that makes any sense.  More details to come.

4 thoughts on “Hi

    • I’ll give some more details in a bit, but I’d like to have another genre or two as an option. Following Wildbow’s lead, in some measure. It’s also that when I went into TANH, it was in the form of a long form novel, written by many people, with no real direction. I want to start something with a plan, this time, and, well, an interesting power, if I do something along those lines.

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