Well, despite there being a lot of us, nobody has any time. So, we couldn’t get a post ready in time.  Partially because of schoolwork, partially because parents frequently find it a good idea to scream for three hours about college.  There’s also the whole, “New Batman game coming out” thing that makes a few members of our group MIA.  We’ll get you stuff when we can.  Sorry.

Do you know how hard it is to get people to write? I remind them all week; hey, remember that you promised to do a section for Saturday?  Then, they start working at 11:15.  Two minutes later: “What do you mean I have to write more than three sentences?”  You know, I tell people, and remind them incessantly about it for a reason.  BECAUSE I HATE MAKING THESE MIDNIGHT POSTS!  I feel really bad about it.  And rather pissed off. I spend my free time trying to stay ahead in this thing.  And when someone says they’ll do a section in time, they don’t. Fuck it.  Make a bunch of comments dissing mirage and Discharge, cause they’ve messed up posts too many times.

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