Tyrant IV. Selene I

Selene here.  What’s up?  Err… you probably know me as Luna, if you’ve been talking to my teammates, or my brother.  He’s always prefered that name.  He’s the one who made it up, and he likes to see that I’m being a dutiful little sister…  I’m probably being a bit too harsh on him.  He’s just a bit overprotective.  He had to be, really.  Our dad was always sorta distant, and my mom….  well, let’s say Will’s mom never liked me, and leave it at that.  I never met my own mom.  You could say troubled home, if you want.  After Will’s mom left, and my mom died, Dad started pouring his life into his work, and his…  other work.  Which, by the way, he thinks we still don’t know about.  He’s a vigilante.  Acrobat, to be exact.  You can look him up if you really care.  It’s besides the point.  The point is, no real parental figure for me, so Will tried to pick up the slack.  He got us trainers to prepare for joining the SVRA, made dinner every night, did laundry, helped me with my homework, all the little stuff.  You could basically say that I had two dads, and no moms.  One who was a superhero, one who wanted to be…  both training me for it.  They’ve shown me around SVRA bases and everything.  That’s why I was the only one not gaping when Rune showed us around our new base.

“After the entry hall, we have the common room.  Couches, big tv, game systems, basic stuff.  Through that door on the left is the kitchen, and the dining room is right through it,” Rune was saying as we entered the first room after the door.  “Through that door is the hallway with all your bedrooms, and through those two doors are the gym and the lounge.  Lounge is pretty self explanatory; you can check it out on your own.  Arcade machines, foosball, snacks, basic stuff.  The gym, you might need a tour.  C’mon.”

He led us into a gigantic room, easily three times as big as the common room.  It was filled with weight machines like you’d see at a regular gym, but also plenty that I didn’t recognize, including two vertical poles on two discs, each covered with holes about the size of my fist.  “Those doors over there are the locker rooms, and the pool is through those.  The enhanced strength weights are over on that wall, and the sparring room… follow me,” he said, pointing at various parts of the room, then walking over to a pair of metal-plated double doors.  Inside the doors was a large box with transparent walls, and a control panel attached to the side.  Leading us over to the panel, he started talking about how it worked, but I zoned out.  I had heard a clinking from inside his coat, and I was trying to see what it was.  I heard a few words, but I was focusing on the flash of silver I saw.  So, for me, it sounded like, “….solo… holographic enemies…  viewing wall in the lounge…rating based on perf-” I broke in,

“Is that a hip flask?  Yeah, it is!  There’s two, no three of them!  God, how much do you drink?”

“No,” he replied, flushing slightly, “It’s a magical drink.  It does magic stuff.”  I immediately turned to Exile.

“Is it alcohol?”  Completely deadpan, she replied,

“No.  It’s a magical drink.  It does magic stuff.” Then, slightly under her breath, “Like get you unbelievably drunk the night before you teach me how to summon a greater demon, asshole.”  My brother, rather than laughing, furrowed his eyebrows, looking slightly worried.  He’s remarkably tight-laced about drinking.  When I noticed that, a plan took shape.

“Can you give us a demonstration?” Dagny asked.  I glanced at her in surprise.  That was what I had been about to ask.  She looked at me and winked.

/Psychic.  Right./ I thought.

/Damn straight,/ I heard back, /Besides, I’ll do anything for a scheme like that.  Besides, you’re on patrol with Zeta tonight.  I’ve been trying to get that kid a girlfriend for ages./  I blushed, glancing quickly at him.  He was grinning under his mask, gesturing at my brother and the sparring cage.

/Not interested.  Not even remotely.  Besides, I think my brother would kill me./

/If he survives that long; look./  He was getting into the cage, followed by Rune, who had… yes!  He left his cloak outside.  As soon as the fight started, I rushed over to it, and started going through the pockets. I slipped one of the flasks into my own pockets, then returned to where I had been standing to watch the match.  Rune was glowing brightly, and somehow keeping ahead of my brother.  He was launching small fireballs and running around the suddenly hilly rink, jumping high, running on walls, and even crouching on the ceiling for half a second.  Will was alternating between shooting with his bow and lunging at Rune with a sword when he had the chance.  His guns were outside the room.

Rune jumped to the ceiling again, launched another fireball, then dropped, right onto my brother’s arrow.  He rolled when he hit the ground, holding up his hands and coughing out a surrender.  Will pulled the arrow out and Rune waved his hand over the wound, healing it instantly.  He clapped Apollo on the back, and stumbled out of the rink.

“Wow,” he said, “Good job, Apollo.  All your rooms are labeled, so excuse me if I don’t show you around.  Before you go, Zeta and Luna, you’re on patrol tonight.  Your route is already in the system, check it out before you go.  Lastly, Luna and Dagny, meet me in the common room for a costume discussion.

I felt a vague pang of dread.  I wanted to change the name “Luna,” but if it was already set…

“Selene, here’s your costume,” I heard.

“Huh?”  Rune was holding out a white bundle.

“Your new name.  Selene. We made you a costume,” he said, grinning.  “During boot camp.  We lied about the Luna costume.  Here, try it on.  And Dagny, we need to talk about your name.  How do you like the sound of, ‘Mirage?’”  As they walked away, I just stood there, holding my new costume.  Then, Dagny spoke in my mind.

/You’ve got to show me your new costume!  I’ll come talk to you before you leave for patrol./

I just shook my head in bafflement.

“How did they know about my na-  Psychics.  Right,” I said, answering my own question.



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