Et Sic Incipit III. Discharge I

Three days ago I stumbled out of the back exit of the hospital clutching my side, largely unnoticed by the staff around me, whom were all hurridly rushing from room to room, checking on one patient, treating another for burns, pumping fluids into another. I’d fallen into the second category, of course, but not because of pyro’s rampage, like most.
No, I had the misfortune to be one of Jason Leigh’s friends. I say had not because he put me in the hospital over a joke. No, he’d done worse than that, though nothing quite as painful. I got the fire extinguished quickly, tearing off my shirt and smothering myself in a nearby blanket.
That wasn’t enough to stop the burns. Luckily they weren’t too bad. I’m actually fairly surprised by it all, Jason is usually a really nice guy. Eccentric at times, occasionally or frequently violent, depending on your disposition, but I never would have thought he’d be so easily provoked, especially not by so little. Normally, it takes 4 or 5 good insults to even provoke a response.
Anyway, I recovered quicker than the doctors would believe, so one week later, in the confusion created by so many patients in one place, I slipped outside.
Back to the point, I say I had been his friend because he hasn’t even tried to find me as of now. I assume he knows I ended up in the hospital, but eventually he’ll deign to look for me, and I’ll be nowhere to be found.
I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I’m renowned for disappearing. Not literally, so don’t start thinking I’m one of those stealth assassin type powereds, because you couldn’t be further off. In fact, my actual power isn’t nearly as cool. Guess I can run through that to start this off. See, I’ve had powers way longer than Jason, or whatever he’s calling himself now. Hell, I’ve had them as long as I can remember, though no one else has noticed. Never really used them is the thing. I’m a C class, B class at best. As of now, I can emit energy from my body.
That’s it.
Really something, huh?
The thing is, it’s not as powerful as you might think: I’m emitting my own energy, so I’m slowly killing my vitality whenever I decide to draw on it. Without that limitation, I might be much stronger than I am right now. Sadly, not everyone rolls the dice and picks up pyrokinesis. Sometimes you get conditions, like me. Sometimes they’re harsh. But of course, sometimes your power kills you before you can ever protest your fate at all. That’s what happened to more kids than I can recall while I was growing up. The names start to blur by after a while. One mutated grossly and ended up unable to breath. Another had his circulatory system made open, and collapsed into a pile of flesh and blood. One even grew an exoskeleton with raw nerve endings all over it.
He died from shock a day later when he tripped and fell on the pavement.
Point being, the world I live in, the world we live in, it isn’t all fun and games. It’s not some magical fantasy where you gain flight and laser beams and are off to save the world from aliens. Things don’t work like that here. I only mention it because growing up, it seemed like everyone I knew was just waiting on their powers. They all expected they’d get them, if they are patient, if they wish for them hard enough, they’d get powers. They acted like they deserved them. Like they were entitled to them. But why would you risk it? Why risk being trapped in some nightmarish state of semi consciousness and eternal pain? I’ve seen people BEG for their lives to be ended due to the changes they’ve gone through. I don’t mean to make this so dark, but I’ve been interested in the mechanics of powers from a young age, and all I’ve learned, is that it isn’t worth it.
I have powers, I’m glad I have them, and I would never trade them for the world, but seeing people bend over backwards to become the next Samson, the next American Hero, it sickens me. I just want to make it clear that however harsh I come across, and however rash my actions are, it’s only because I’m trying to be objective. I got the chance to roll for powers. Genetics, luck, whatever it was. Haven’t looked to far into where powers come from yet. But I got the average sort of power: an advantage, with a drawback. So I’m not buying into the whole delusion of grandeur that some of the more popular heroes at the SVRA might have you believe. Sure, I’d go through hell and back to get where they are, but I do honestly believe that others shouldn’t.
If you have awesome powers, congratulations. I wish I’d been as lucky as you.
If your powers put you at a disadvantage, I’m sorry. I’ve had a small glimpse of that life, having fallen into hypothermia from using my power on multiple occasions, so I know it’s not easy.
If you don’t have powers, whether or not you have the potential, than you are whom I’m speaking to. Don’t try and get any. It’s not worth the risk. I can prove it.
See, a lot has happened to me in the last few days. I said that I disappeared, but what I didn’t say is that it wasn’t intentional this time.
I never got to see my kidnappers faces. I went from walking down Main Street (every city has one) in South Haven to lying on the ground, constrained in a weird net-like webbing in the blink of an eye. I might have noticed them coming if not for the concussion like effect that was spreading through me with each step I took, but as I passed the corner of Main Street and Lockwood Avenue, first my legs buckled, then my legs were taken out from under me. Then I began to struggle, to escape.
Then everything went black.



4 thoughts on “Et Sic Incipit III. Discharge I

  1. especially not by so little. normally it takes 4 lr 5 good insults to even provoke a response.

    Normally … or 5

    I wish id been as licky as you. I’d … lucky

    If you’re powers put you at a disadvantage, I’m sorry. your

    constrained in a weird net like webbing in net-like

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