Auditions II. Apollo I

I should start out by saying this: I really do respect Zeta. He has prowess as a fighter, and is a great publicity maker. However… he should not be the leader of the team. I’ve always gotten the feeling that he’s never actually cared about saving people. He always acts as if he’s in it for … fun? He’s not committed to the SVRA, or really… anything. I can’t deny that he performs well, but if you asked him why, he’d just say, “I feel like it.” I’m sure he’s out for his friends and the team, but… I can tolerate necessary collateral damage on the side, maybe even a civilian casualty if it was for the greater good. But, Zeta, though he avoids the deaths of the innocent, causes ridiculous amounts of dangerous damage. One time last week, he punched a wannabe strongman Super Villain named Iapetus into a building so many times that it collapsed. If Everest hadn’t held it up while Dagny levitated and psychically warned the inhabitants, there probably would have been some bad shit. It frustrates me, it really does. I’m really tired today, so you’ll have to excuse me if my first journal entry is pretty short. What happened today is crazy. We just got back from the SVRA boot camp two weeks ago, and we’ve barely had a moment to rest. Let’s see… what has it been? We left for the boot camp April 10th, spent three months working out, tuning our powers and learning what we as SVRA agents can legally do. It was pretty redundant for me, cause I’ve done it all before. Some of the people on the team, though… Zeta had to take remedial public relations lessons, and Everest took four times the expected time to learn two legal procedures. It’s definitely going to be an interesting team. The part I had the most trouble with was where powers come from. According to our instructors, everybody is composed of three parts. The ki, the psyche, and the aura. Even norms have them. The ki is invisible, intangible energy that only few can see or manipulate directly. The rest of us, the ones with powers, that is, use it automatically. Apparently, it ‘looks’ like veins running throughout our body. Someone with a constant physical power like me has it constantly pushing into my tissue, reinforcing it and making me stronger. Someone with speed would only push it when they turn on their power. Someone with a power like Pyrokinesis, whose powers don’t affect them pushes their ki into the air around them, changing its form. So, Zeta’s ki can change types. He’s a good example. His first two powers involve pushing his ki out of his body and into a different form. The second part is the psyche. Most metahumans don’t pay any attention to this, for good reason. For most of us, it’s purely defensive. It refers to our mental strength. Pretty useless in a fight unless you’re going up against a psychic. If you are, though, it can save your life. To use telepathy or mind control, psychic turn their ki into a sort of wire that conducts thoughts. If you don’t want one of those to attach to you, you better have a strong enough psyche to resist it. I’m probably not explaining it well, but whatever. Its not like anyone is going to be reading this. The third part is aura. All I know is that it’s what happens when you combine ki and psyche and push it out of your body. The instructors didn’t seem to know much about it. While I was on my way to the interview, Diane, shit. Okay, screw it. My name is Will Alexander. Codename Apollo. My sister is Luna, or Diane Alexander. I came from a team in Wisconsin. I would have been leading it in a year, but it wasn’t going anywhere. Once our parents had figured out what we could do, they started paying the best to teach us. How to fight, that is. I’m accomplished in Eskrima, Jujitsu, and a few others. Same with my sister. The difference is, I prefer long range weapons, javelins, bows and guns. My powers give me enhanced strength, but my hyper-coordination lets me take down enemies with low risk. My baby sister prefers close combat. But of course, she has about twenty sets of armour at this point. And, though most people say that metahumans only appeared a year ago, we know that’s bullcrap. We’ve had our powers since birth. I’d imagine that plenty of the others are the same, and the Enemies of Injustice had met a long time before, and were just waiting for their moment. But that’s just a theory. I like rules. I’m against killing. That’s all I’m saying to justify myself. I get plenty of shit from Zeta about it. Zeta… he’s not so good to have on a team. The other members are mostly fine, which I think helps balance out our “wayward” leader. I say most, but there are a few exceptions. Notably, the first late joiner. A few hours after the initial interviews, Zeta brought him in. I still haven’t made up my mind about him. He joined in a confusing time. It was right after the interviews, and we were in a police van…



5 thoughts on “Auditions II. Apollo I

  1. “The difference is, I prefer long range weapons, javelins bows and guns.”

    While I’m not against the idea of bows that fire javelins, I doubt that’s what you meant. Hopefully you can a-comma-date me if I suggest a correction there, and perhaps break up the paragraphs some.

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