Auditions II. Crane III

“So, you seem like a rich kid, playing with your mask and swords. Do you have anything to share with the less fortunate?” He said, “less fortunate,” but judging by the way he spoke and fiddled with something in his jacket revealed that he was making a threat. I doubted it was an empty one. “Those are some nice toy swords you got there. Care to give them to someone who needs the money?” Right. Sign that prick up for the Police Academy. Either that, or cut off his balls so he can’t reproduce. Either way, you’d have a winning choice on your hands.
“Hey, look, I really don’t have anything to give you. Just fuck off or I might just enjoy bisecting you, and leaving bits of you all over for your friends to find.” The last part was not characteristic of me.  I was honestly a little surprised I said it, but decided to roll with it.
“Really now, you little rat fuck? You think you can scare me?” He pulled his jacket away to reveal a glock-19.
“Yes.” I pulled out one of my katana, and as he reached for his gun, I sliced off his hand.
“Shit! What the fuck is wrong with you!” However, before his two friends could even move, I had launched myself up the side of the building and disappeared. I could hear their confused whispers. My heart was pounding and I found that I was smiling. I had enjoyed the terror I created. The desire for blood continued to course through my veins and a twisted grin formed under my mask that I couldn’t control. I slowed my breathing again and tried to regain control of my body. After a few minutes of deep inhaling I had found that my mask hadn’t retreated. I shrugged, and started back on my way to the Police Station. I was leaving the roof of the landmark building when I noticed the two friends of the recently…disarmed…individual, rooting through the jackets of a young man and women.

Their corpses were pockmarked with bullet holes. There, a once bright and colorful blouse had become a foul example of the clear issues with the city’s police system. My neck seized up again and I felt the rage build up inside me. As the two walked away from the bodies I stepped of the roof top and pulled out my blades. It seemed like I was falling slower than I really was. The windows were passing by as if gravity had decided to take a break and let me do whatever I wanted. By the time I had hit the ground, I had already planned out my course of attack. I landed feet first on the thug farthest from the road. As I landed on him I pushed both blades through his chest, then in a swift motion brought them up through his shoulders in a swift “V” like fashion. As his body toppled away I sheathed my swords and turned to his friend. His friend fired a shot, but I swiped by hand up and a stream of ice caught the bullet mid air.

In a flash I blasted him against the side of the building, keeping him trapped there in a thick sheet of ice. I looked at the fear on the man’s face. I should have felt pity, yet all I felt was a growing pain in my neck, and an intense desire to see what else I could do to him, how much more I had to push before he lost all of the light in his eyes. I grinned.  I touched my right arm to his face, my fingertips crackling with electricity, and released five streams of lightning directly into his trapped body. He screamed in agony, his head slamming back into the wall. His hands and legs began to spasm. As soon as the odor of burning flesh entered my nostrils I stopped. There wasn’t much of him left. Well, at least not much anyone could recognize. I started on my way to the Police Station again.
Despite my relaxed state I couldn’t relieve the intense pain that I was feeling in the back of my neck. Every time the pain spiked, an image of the same kid flared into my mind. I walked for several, uncomfortable minutes and reached the intersection where the police station was located. The building did not seem as imposing at it once had been to me, only a few hours prior. I pulled open the weighted front door and stepped inside the cool building. I looked up at the arched roof and back down to where a sign on the wall dictated that I was to take the left hallway to the weapons screening and visitor center. From my place I could see the gruff officer who had turned me down, sitting at his desk and chuckling about something he was looking at on his phone. I continued walking, but something caught my attention. It was the picture of the guy. His blondish hair was immediately recognizable.

However, I was surprised to find his picture plastered on the front of a poster for the SVRA. The searing pain erupted in my head again. There was nothing I could do. I was no longer fully controlling my thoughts either. I was present, but I couldn’t believe what I was planning to do. I had to kill this kid, or the pain would never fade. This kid was a part of the SVRA, and clearly had powers. The best way to attract the attention of heroes is destruction and slaughter. Now I was in a place that represented all they stood for. An attack here would attract some attention very quickly. Once again, an evil grin spread across my face.  I sprinted and crashed my way through the school and dove into the administration office. In a deadly whirl of gold and black I cleaved my way through a small crowd of officers, bits and pieces falling everywhere. As others drew their guns or tried to run I released blasts of ice, catching many of those who tried to flee. I turned to the direction that some officers had taken cover behind and lightning arced from my fingers catching some in a intense embrace and setting fire to the wall behind them. Then the shadows that rolled over me extended outwards and attached to the foundations of the building and tore them from the wall. As the building began to fall I sprinted out the same heavy door I had entered through, climbing up a wall and took perch on the building next to the police station. And from there I waited, and waited.



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