Bet Results

Looks like I’ve lost our little wager.
Oh well.
Anyway, look forward to quite the story after chapter four ends. Sure, that’s many weeks off, but hopefully a semi high quality installment in the series of that length will spread the word. For that matter, we do plan to stick with this series, and have dozens of chapter planned out. So if you know anyone interested in the type of story we’re striving to create, feel free to spread the word. It would be very appreciated.
We’re just starting out here to be sure, but I hope those of you who have discovered us so early on are enjoying the story enough to stick with us. It may not seem like much, but every view means the world to us, and every comment much more.
Speaking of which, feel free to comment: criticism, praise, encouragement, heck, even tell us what you hate. We’ll work that much harder to improve so that everyone can enjoy the story.
That’s all for now, but you’ll be sure to hear more from me soon.
Discharge out~

6 thoughts on “Bet Results

  1. good luck. i like the idea of multiple writers a lot. try a better way of organizing your chapters. something like, Chapter #: (Name of Hero). also try to get prev. and next links on bottom of the page. I like what I’ve read so far, so I hope you get a bit more organized. note: leave comments sepperate from story I guess. that might just be your style, but it does interrupt

    • Ah, well, first of all. The comments, we’ll work on that. I get what you mean. The buttons at the bottom, not sure how, but I’ll work on a way. As for the chapter organization, we list the name of the chapter, the chapter number it is, then the character who’s perspective it is, and the number of times they’ve written in the chapter. Is that what you mean?

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